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Australian Medical Coding

Australian Medical Coding

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Duration : 3 months, However if you have studied Anatomy/Physiology, and ICD – 10, then the duration is 45 days.
Eligibility : Graduate – Any stream
*Note : NIMC Certificate Is Valid For India, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia

Australian Medical Coding aka Medical Coding – AM (Australian modification) deals with the International classification of Diseases – 10th version as laid down by World Health Organization and is the expanded version of ICD – 10. Apart from being followed in Australia, this pattern of classification is also followed in select countries such as New Zealand, Tonga, Qatar, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Singapore, Ireland, Hong Kong, Fiji Islands, Philippines.

Overview of Australian Medical Coding

ICD – 10 AM/ ACHI / ACS classification jointly comprise a framework that defines clinical case diseases and intervention arrangements and deals with all admitted episodes of care pertaining to acute, subacute, non-acute care, newborn, and mental health.
ICD – 10 AM (International Classification of Diseases – 10th version – Australian Modification) This is the international statistical classification of diseases & related health conditions, 10th version, Australian Modification. The classification of diseases is based on the ICD – 10 classification maintained by the World Health Organization.
ACHI (Australian Classification of Health Interventions) comprises 7 digit in format of NNNNN-NN and is used to classify methodology and interventions of clinical issues such as acute, subacute, non-acute care, newborn, and mental health.
(ACS) Australian Coding Standards specifies coding standards for classifications and provides guidance for application of ICD – 10 AM and ACHI codes.
ICD – 10 AM/ ACHI / ACS classification comprises 5 volumes
  1. ICD – 10 AM Tabular list of diseases defines the classification of diseases and lists the same in 4 indices
  2. ICD – 10 AM Alphabetic Index of diseases has 3 sections where the diseases are listed in alphabetical order.  It contains many terms that are not available in ICD – 10 AM Tabular list of diseases
  3. ACHI Tabular list deals with interventions and comprises 2 appendices
  4. ACHI Alphabetic list provides interventions in alphabetical order and comprises 4 indices.  It contains many interventions that are not available in ACHI Tabular list
  5. ACS  contains an additional Index A – Clinical Coders Creed

Scope of Australian Medical Coding

Certified Clinical Coders find a lucrative career in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Qatar, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Singapore, Ireland, Hong Kong, Fiji Islands, and Philippines.
On an average, fresher’s can earn USD 64,000 per annum and can go up to USD 93,000 per annum after they gather experience.

Classification Systems of Australian Medical Coding

Australian medical coding comprises 3 major systems viz. International classification of Diseases (ICD) 10 AM, the Australian Classifications of Health Interventions (ACHI) for procedural coding, and Australian Coding Standards (ACS) for coding standards.

International Certification in
Australian Medical Coding

Health Information Management Association of Australia is the key body for health information management professionals and is also responsible for awarding the international certification in Australian medical coding which is Certified Clinical Coder (CCC).

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