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Corporate Training

Corporate Training

NIMC conducts corporate training for all its courses at client sites to impart employees with knowledge and skills that they would need to perform well in the workplace.

Why do you need corporate training?

Even though corporate are hiring candidates, who are eligible for the given job, there are many processes and products that are unique to the organization.  Further, there are many candidates who would be apt for the position but need a little bit of molding in order to achieve company goals effectively. Highly technical personnel need soft skills training so that they are able to deal with clients in a professional and effective manner.

Though there is a huge pool of qualified candidates looking for a job, corporates find them to be unemployable due to the above mentioned reasons. Staff often needs to be trained after they are promoted so that they are able to meet the requirements of the new position

NIMC bridges the above gaps by offering corporate training at the workplace of the corporate. This allows the corporate to focus on their main business as corporate training is left in the hands of the experts.

The other advantages of corporate training are that it helps to train young managers into leadership roles, helps to spot talent, fits the right person for the right role, increases employee satisfaction, it reduces the attrition rate, which all results in better efficiency, higher productivity, and more profitability for the company.

Why NIMC for
Corporate Training?

NIMC provides course content / structure that is tailored specifically for the unique requirements of the given corporate. Our faculty is certified / qualified with rich industrial and training experience. We provide a unique Learning Management system with unique login IDs and 24 /7 access for each employee, along with complete technical support and guidance in use of the above.

Apart from domain knowledge, NIMC also provides soft skills training, Communicative English training, coupled which includes how employees should interact with clients. The progress of each employee is closely monitored with regular assessments, mid module quizzes, viva, seminars, and the feedback is shared with the corporate on a regular and timely basis. Final exams are conducted at the end of of the training followed by certification by NIMC.

Expand Skill and Knowledge with
Corporate training